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With a sound revolving around raw and honest commentary of the triumphs and failures throughout his life, the sum of Scott St Louis’s talents lead to a signature sound like no other.

Hailing from California, Scott sound blends a mix of rock, alternative, soft rock and punk elements into potent melodies replete with fluid stylish rhythms. Scott achieved worldwide acclaim with the notorious Ditch Bank Okies, playing on seven international releases, and was the main singer-songwriter in Boss Tweed. 

His music has been featured on IndieBandGuru and the Huffington Post, who have described his music as “having it going on in a factor five markup way.” His latest single ‘Agenda’ premieres 31st July 2020, and showcases the full breadth of his talents as a multi-instrumentalist, producer and more.


They say that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. From an agonizing battle with cancer to a bout of full-blown depression, California-based Scott St Louis steps up with the track ‘Agenda’, an alternative rock affair that’s as anthemic as it is angsty.


‘Agenda’ introduces itself as an aggressive number, with a flipped drum beat and a gritty bassline forming the foundation for Scott St Louis to lay down anti-conformist lyrics atop of. In Scott’s own words, the track represents “my current view on society, and how I need to do my own thing to find peace”. The chorus opens up into Scott’s signature catchy melodies and jangly guitars, and is addicting in the best of ways.


Notably, the track features Scott St Louis on all instruments, including vocals. Due to COVID-19, a detour from the usual enlisting of Steve Ferrone (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers) on drums was rendered impossible. However as they say, the show must go on.


Agenda premieres across all major streaming platforms on July 31st 2020. Agenda was mixed by Ulysses Noriega (Laundry Room Studios) in Los Angeles, and is to be self-released on his own imprint, Scott St Louis Music.



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