“Scott St. Louis has it going on in a factor five markup way. Beau coup heavy-duty melodies and compelling, pulsing rhythms bedizen the songs on this album. I love the abyss of the bass, which, along with Scott’s brawny vocals give the tunes punch and pizzazz. I strongly suggest you provide this album with your attention. It’s yazum!”
- Randy Radic, Huffington Post


“Scott is able to pour real heart and soul into his lyrics and create unique melodies that draw the listener in.”
Keith Pro, Indie Band Guru
“For fans of adult alternative indie rock with a pop appeal, Scott St. Louis and his new album will be a welcome addition to your collection.”
by Joshua (J.Smo) Smotherman, Mid Ten Music
“Overall this album is a true reflection on the song craftsmanship and production capabilities of the talented, accomplished, multi-instrumentalist Scott St. Louis.”
Laundry Day Records, Spin Cycle